ecoCasting - sustainable casting processes

With the ecoCasting manufacturing process, Fritz Winter has created new benchmark standards in the foundry industry for sustainability and quality.

ecoCasting as a sustainability driver 
for e-motors

By using our ecoCasting process, we enable our partners to take new and environmentally friendly approaches to designing their e-motors. Our components impress with a high level of functional integration combined with lightweight construction, which is crucial for e-motors. Despite this low weight, our components have high dimensional stability. Our strength lies in selecting the best material for the respective project from many different materials and taking into account all relevant aspects such as thermal conductivity, strength or ductility.

Sustainable iron casting process

Thanks to ecoCasting, we massively reduce the consumption of resources and energy. Our cast products are based on steel scrap - for minimal material use.

Constructive freedom

With ecoCasting, we can represent the most complex shapes and enable maximum functional integration as well as optimized cooling for e-motors thanks to pre-cast water jackets.

Highest precision

Our manufacturing process enables us to achieve a high dimensional stability of our cast products. This allows us to keep our tolerance consumption as low as possible.

Maximum application specificity

At Fritz Winter, we select the right material for the specific casting product from a wide range of available materials. Among other things, we advise on the use of GJL, GJV or GJS.

Sustainability through lightweight design

Lightweight design means minimal use of materials. Through high degrees of freedom with maximum precision, we develop products for our partners that are not only light, but above all sustainable.

Optimized playing conditions

Fritz Winter succeeds in optimizing the individual clearance conditions to be taken into account, since our electric motor housings have a thermal expansion almost identical to that of the transformer plates of an electric machine.


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Executive Director Global Sales and Marketing

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Head of technical acquisition and product development

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